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Across the globe we are united in our dedication to provide...

Art aid and therapy initiatives to empower marginalized youth suffering from PTSD

The Story of Nadia's Kids Inc.

Nadia’s Kids Inc. was created in honor of the late Andre Basha & Nadia Kneider Basha, a couple who unapologetically lived with flair, love and compassion. Despite them enduring and living through the harsh economic and political struggles in Aleppo, Syria, they maintained to live with hope, light, and love. Their effervescent spirit affected all those who were in their company. They did not have any biological children but were second parents to many, as their generous spirits gave in so many different ways. They both passed within 17 days of each other, one may say it was a real life love story, one that mirrors the movie, The Notebook. This deep love they had for each other was the legacy they left behind. Their generosity and genuine care for people set them apart from others.
Andre & Nadia’s memory will live on through the children they have influenced and will continue to influence through Nadia’s Kids Inc. Nadia’s Kids Inc. adopts core values of love and generosity in order to empower and assist marginalized youth who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder so they may be able to cope, live and thrive.
“We provide and facilitate funding initiatives in order to actualize our mission to heal and empower youth who have endured trauma.”


“We facilitate in creating safe learning spaces and art modalities for marginalized youth to be able to heal, cope, 
and thrive in today’s modern world.”


- Counselors

One on one and/or group sessions with certified and credentialed youth counselors


- Teachers

One on one and/or group sessions with teachers specializing in: Painting/Drawing, Acting, Dance, Public Speaking, Writing/Journaling, Music/Instrument, Music/Vocal, Mindfulness/Yoga, and Design.


- Mentors

Volunteers with particular specialties to commit to a child in our “mentorship program” 


— Art supplies​

Supplies include but are not limited to – pens, pencils, paint, paint brushes, canvases, easels, notebooks, books etc

Studies have proven that creative expression can modify not just moods, attitudes and emotions, but influences neuro-endocrine pathways that control physiologic conclusions as varied as blood pressure, sleep and the immune response. Creative expression can:

  • Reduce blood pressure while boosting the immune system and reducing stress
  • Promote relaxation and a sense of well-being
  • Reduce anxiety, depression and pain
  • Promote general quality of life

We at Nadia’s Kids Inc. believe that the power of artistic expression can heal.

Malek Hanna (Founder/Director)


Malek Hanna (Founder/Director)

Malek Hanna is the Founder, Director and Head of Operations at Nadia’s Kids Inc.

Cami Capps

Cami Capps is a Director and Head of Logistics at Nadia’s Kids Inc.

Cari Ramos

Cari Ramos is a Director and Head of Sales at Nadia’s Kids Inc.