A little contribution can go a long way in a child's healing and development into adulthood.

Nadia's Kids has 7 ways someone can be involved...

Get Involved

Nadia’s Kids Inc. has 7 ways someone can be involved…

— Donation

One time Donation to Nadia’s Kids Inc.


— Pledge

Monthly or Annual pledge to Nadia’s Kids Inc.


— Adopt a child

Adopt a child* (pledging a weekly, monthly or annual donation to support a child suffering from PTSD)


— Fundraising

Volunteer your time to assist in fundraising initiatives


— Recruiting

Volunteer your time to assist in recruiting qualified counseling services and facilities


— Child Mentor

Volunteer your time in being a “child mentor”


— Providing Services/Team Leader

Volunteer your time in providing art, music, acting, or dancing classes

*Receive monthly updates and personalized letters from the child you are directly helping and see their growth.