Team Leaders all have the skills and heart to make a difference in your child’s healing journey


Malek Hanna (Founder/Director)

Malek Hanna is the Founder, Director and Head of Operations at Nadia’s Kids Inc.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Malek always had a desire to help those in need or lived in the margins. Being raised in a multi-cultural background and being exposed to all walks of life at a young age, his need to understand and connect with people was sparked. Since then on, Malek has always been involved in some sort of charity, mentorship program, leadership aid position or art education initiative.

Studying and acquiring a BA, MA and PHD credits from Fordham, Juilliard and UCLA, Malek continues to expand his network and make a difference, as he resides in Los Angeles, California. He holds a Bachelor in Theater and Political Science, a Masters in Media Studies and Public Communications and PHD credits in Education and Media.

Malek created and single handedly lead an artistic youth program funded by the government for inner city students in NYC. He volunteered as a child mentor, assisted living facilitator, and taught improvisation and performance training for students at Pathways for Youth, in the Bronx, NY while he was in graduate school. Malek also formerly worked as a teacher, coach, public relations consultant, media literacy specialist, is a published author, current business owner, a producer at Axial Pictures, 4 Sight Entertainment, and a professional actor and singer. He was featured and praised in the Los Angeles Times and Unique & Rare Magazine for his acting and singing abilities.

Malek recently founded Nadia’s Kids Inc. in honor of the late Andre and Nadia Kneider Basha in order to provide awareness, and art aid education resources to assist PTSD youth so that they may cope, heal, live and thrive in our current modern world.

Cami Capps (Director)

Cami Capps is a Director and Head of Logistics at Nadia’s Kids Inc.

Cami Capps received her B.F.A. in Dance from East Carolina University and has 30 years of dance experience as a director, choreographer and instructor. In 1998 she established a non-profit organization, Glory Dance Ministries that offers dance programs to underprivileged kids and community outreach. Additionally, she established a performing company (Glory Dance Company) that traveled the continental USA as well as China, Hong Kong and Philippines. Glory Dance Company offered concerts and dance classes to youth in the inner cities of America, orphanages in the Philippines and China, as well as underprivileged kids in Hong Kong. Moreover, the company offered concerts for Veterans of Foreign War in Washington D.C., Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong, the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL and The Global Day of Prayer Televised Broadcast in Hong Kong. Cami Capps resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Derek and is the proud mother of 3 kids (Cayden, Sasha and Cole).

Cari Ramos (Director)

Cari Ramos is a Director and Head of Sales at Nadia’s Kids Inc.